This is a proof-of-concept for a non-fiction award. The format, the process, and whether or not Hybrid winds up running this award are to be finalized.

For many years, non-fiction played a relatively small part within the furry community. There would be an article here or there that someone would write and post somewhere, but the focus of many members of the subculture was on creative works of fiction. Art, both written and visual, focused primarily on the furry characters themselves.

This made sense, too, as the characters were the reason why so many of the members joined the community. However, as time has gone on and the subculture has grown more and more complex and variegated in the ways in which we interact with it, so too have the number of non-fiction words exploring the hows and whys.

To this end, The Hybrid Award for Excellence in Furry Non-fiction — or simply The Hybrid Award — was created to recognized and elevate works of importance within our subculture.

Below are the categories in which the award is given. For more details, please see the rules page.

Award Categories

The Hybrid award is presented in six categories. These are intended to represent a broad spectrum of what is available in the realm of non-fiction creations within the fandom.

The award for recognition in the area of non-fiction articles is presented to showcase a particular article — whether it’s for a blog, as part of an anthology, or posted to a wider site — which explores the furry subculture, either as a whole or restricted to a particular aspect of it.
The award for recognition in the area of non-fiction books is presented to showcase a book dedicated to exploring the furry fandom, as a whole or in one aspect, which was published either inside or outside the fandom.
Videos are picking up speed as a good way to talk about the furry community. This award is presented to showcase a video, video series (vlog, channel, etc.), or movie dedicated to exploring the furry subculture.
Audio works
This award is presented to recognize outstanding audio content — recordings of non-fiction works, lectures, podcasts, and so on — which explore the furry subculture.
Platforms, publishers, or channels
As new creators start producing works within the fandom, there will always be new platforms on which they can share their works. From YouTube channels to blogs, magazines to references, this award is for these platforms, publishers, and distribution channels focused on furry non-fiction.
Other works
For creations which span boundaries or defy classification, the “other” category is provided to recognize these genre-busting works of non-fiction surrounding the community.

For additional restrictions surrounding the categories, refer again to the rules page.


Any creator may opt out of being considered for an award for any of their creations. Additionally, any creator may withdraw any of their works from consideration on an individual basis. Any withdrawals are noted below:

  • [adjective][species] is withdrawn from consideration in the platforms, publishers, or channels category.