The famous writer is dying.

At least that’s the rumor.

When the famous writer’s secretary contacted the students of the Deep South Writers’ Workshop on the his behalf after years of silence, they suspected something was up.

Out of respect for their former mentor, several former students agreed to return to Mississippi for a reunion:

A final get-together for one last workshop.

Lydia, the famous writer’s secretary, begins getting in touch with all his former students at the Deep South Writers’ Workshop. Immediately, rumors fly (helped, in no small part, by Lydia herself). Is he sick? Is he dying? He’s probably dying. They begin to organize a reunion.

When the famous writer does die, it’s a surprise to all, and the reunion becomes a memorial.

A memorial, and one final workshop.

The Last Workshop

Hybrid is honored to announce our second publication, John Minichillo’s The Last Workshop. The famous writer is dying — maybe — and this smart, funny, and sharp novel follows the alumni of the Deep South Writers’ Workshop as they struggle to internalize the end of the writer’s career.

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About John Minichillo

John Minichillo’s novel, The First Woman on Mars is forthcoming from Spaceboy Books. His novel, The Snow Whale, was an Independent Publishers Book Awards regional gold medalist for the West-Pacific and an Orion Magazine Book Prize notable. He wrote the column, “How to Be a Better Teacher-Person Through Apathy” at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency as one of the winners of their column contest.

His science fiction novel, EOB: Earth Out of Balance, out now on Kindle Press, was described as ‘one of the smartest, funniest, best-developed novels of any genre.’

John is the recipient of a Tennessee Individual Artists Grant and lives and teaches in Nashville.

The Last Workshop is copyright © John Minichillo, 2017