Hybrid is a themed, semiannual non-fiction publication focusing on exploring the furry subculture through a diverse range of articles, opinions, and personal stories, lightened with a dash of poetry. Hybrid is the literary journal to [adjective][species]’s blog.

The goal of Hybrid is to provide a well-versed and sophisticated look at the furry community through the eyes of those most deeply involved. Articles should be well researched and opinion pieces should be backed up by fact to provide an intelligent discourse on what it means to be a furry. As with the experiences of those writing them, the articles and opinions will be diverse, giving many different points of view on the theme behind each issue. If you have something excellent to say, feel free to send it our way.


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Welcome to Hybrid

Welcome to Hybrid! We’re still getting everything organized on our end, but will open up our call for submissions soon! It’s looking like March 1st will be our open date. Until then, take a look around and get a feel for what we’re about and what it is we’ll be looking for.