The Hybrid Award

Hybrid is an award recognizing excellence in furry nonfiction across all media. Fiction, visual art, and even movies play a large role within the furry fandom, but non-fiction as a genre, spread across several media, is growing in prevalence.

The goal of Hybrid is to provide a well-versed and sophisticated look at works of non-fiction within the furry community, as seen through the eyes of those most deeply involved. As a juried award, nominees will be chosen from eligible productions within a set of categories, and winners chosen for each category by a jury of peers.

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Welcome to Hybrid

Welcome to Hybrid! We’re still getting everything organized on our end, but the award information has been posted (even if it hasn’t been nailed down yet) for you to peruse. And, given that the year is already underway, you can start thinking of pieces to nominate.