I got a story for you about two women falling in love, of Andrea and Faith. That seems nice, doesn’t it? A nice trans lesbian queer romance?

Oh, and there’s Faith’s wife, Michelle, too.

And transphobia and ablism. And overzealous cops, Nazis, and a rapist.

Oh, but there’s also video games, polyamory, and living visibly trans in a small American town. And tacos.

Dear reader, I got a story for you.

Faith has started dating again - with the blessing of her wife - to find someone to connect with. Andrea seems to be a good match in many ways. The world is a difficult place for two trans women dating, but when you take into account neo-Nazis, a rapist, and some overzealous cops, it can feel downright impossible.

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My Dinner with Andrea

Hybrid Ink is pleased to announce our inaugural publication of the novel My Dinner with Andrea by Jen Durbent, a story of love, hate, and, occasionally, tacos.

Advance praise for My Dinner with Andrea

I found My Dinner with Andrea to be stunning. I see a lot of Faith in myself, and a lot of Andrea in who I want to be. It’s an engaging and intimate work, and I’m proud to have it as the inaugural publication for Hybrid Ink.

— Madison Scott-Clary, Hybrid editor-in-chief

[My Dinner with Andrea] feels very personal, especially with the narrator’s engagement. Very enjoyable!

— R. Reed

Praise for My Dinner with Andrea

This is a riveting, intense novel that goes right for the throat. It is definitely not an easy read, and while it has a central romantic storyline and a fairly hopeful ending, and therefore is technically a romance, it didn’t feel like a genre romance to me. Instead, it felt more like trans literary fiction, thematically and style-wise. It ripped me open, and I am still reeling from reading it, a week later, as I’m writing this review.

— Corey’s Book Corner — Read more

It was a great experience to read a normal work of fiction from the unique perspective of a trans woman. It was refreshing!

— Gender Analysis — Read more

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About Jen Durbent

Jen Durbent is a poet, writer, and stand-up comedian who grew up in and is based out of the greater Chicagoland area. She lives with her wife, children, three cats, and a very old dog. She uses “she”, “they”, or “it” pronouns.

She can be found on the web at jendurbent.com or Twitter as @JenDurbent. My Dinner with Andrea is her debut novel, and her poetry collection, Canon contans several works of verse.

Cover by Iris Jay

My Dinner with Andrea is copyright © Jen Durbent, 2018