Typesetting and book design is an invisible art. It is something that is only noticed when it’s done poorly. When it’s done well, the reader can easily find themselves getting lost in the story, diving into the pages like open water. When it’s not, the reader can find themselves frustrated and not know why, with the process of reading turned into an onerous slog.

At Hybrid Ink, we take pride in our typesetting and design. It’s a fun process, working with the text and the author to come up with something that both helps convey the story and makes for a pleasant reading experience.

While we apply all of our knowledge and experience to our own publications, we also provide this service to authors not publishing through us. If you would like a professionally typeset paperback book, we will do all we can to provide you with such at a competitive rate.

Typesetting and interior book design are usually done together. The typical rate for a simple project with no or few images or tables is $200, plus $2 per 1,000 words. However every project will have different requirements and we are willing to work on a sliding scale for those whose circumstances make a higher fee less feasible, so please contact us for a quote.
What you’ll receive
You’ll receive a finished, print-ready PDF perfect for submission to Print-On-Demand (POD) services such as Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark. Much of our design takes place in LaTeX, so if you would also like the source files for your book, feel free to let us know. We do not do cover design at this time.
Upon receiving a quote, you will have the chance to read it over. If you accept, a small down-payment will be made. We will read through the project and get an idea of what sort of design would best fit. We will work with you to come up with something that makes both you and the reader happy. Upon completion, a final invoice will be sent, and upon receipt of payment, you will be sent a PDF and any additional requested files. No further editing will be done at this stage, but feel free to peruse our other services if you would like such.

Current turn-around time is approximately two weeks.

Getting a quote
Please email us at hybrid+typesetting@hybrid.ink with the following information about your project:
  • Author name and short (2-3 sentence) bio
  • Project name
  • A summary of the project
  • A short (5-10 page) sample of the work
  • The wordcount of the finished work (this includes foreword and afterword, but not details such as title pages and copyright page)
  • Any design thoughts you may have going into the project

Once we’ve received those, we will get back to you with a quote and payment information.

Sample gallery
You can see a sample PDF from The Last Workshop. Additionally, here are some samples of our typesetting and design work:

Arcana — A Tarot Anthology, published by Thurston Howl publications, featured the design elements of one image per short story, as well as an intro page about the tarot card that story focused on aside from the story title itself.

Eigengrau, self-published by Madison Scott-Clary features creative typesetting of poetry.

The upcoming Hybrid Classics series features an extra-wide margin great for note-taking on dense texts, such as the complete poetry of John Keats pictured here.

Jen Durbent’s My Dinner With Andrea featured staticky grawlix scene breaks to go with the strong voice of the author.