COVID-19's effects on Hybrid

Authors and readers alike are finding that this new reality tough to weather, but so are publishers. Hybrid is no exception.

Boketto - a sample from Jen Durbent's canon

Today, we’d like to share a poem from Jen Durbent’s wonderful poetry collection, canon. The collection features works on a wide variety of topics and varying in form from epic to haiku.

Open for short-work collection queries

Hybrid Ink is now open for queries for short story collections, essay and letter collections, and poetry collections! You can find out more information on our submissions page.

From the editor's desk: the role of independent publishers

Earlier today, the ever-delightful Lindsay Ellis came out with a video about her process of getting her book (which we’re eager to read!) picked up for publication that shed some light on what goes into a book deal. While I’ll outline it very briefly below, it’s well worth watching the video in full to hear Lindsay’s take on the process.

From the editor's desk: on genre

As I work to build Hybrid up into something more, I’d like to share my thoughts on a few topics that I really enjoy about working with books! I hope you enjoy.

If you ask any writer, you’ll get some…pretty complicated thoughts on genre and what all it entails. If you ask any publisher, and you’d better be prepared to sit down for an hour or two to hear all of their thoughts.

And, well, I’ve got some time…


Welcome welcome! Hybrid Ink is happy to announce that, over the next few months, we will be opening up submissions for several anthologies. Interested in writing some shorter fiction? Read on!

From the editor's desk: on layout

As I work to build Hybrid up into something more, I’d like to share my thoughts on a few topics that I really enjoy about working with books! I hope you enjoy.

There’s no denying that the lion’s share of the work that goes into a book is the writing. Obviously, that’s the part that writers sweat over, the bit that takes the longest, and the heart and soul of a book.

It’s not all that makes a book, though.

Introducing libri sospesi!

Hybrid is pleased to introduce a new way of sharing all of your favorite books with not just your friends, but the people around you! Libri sospesi are free copies of our books which have been purchased by others as a means of sharing them with a wider audience. If you enjoyed a book or just want to spread the joy of reading and are able, you may purchase a copy of any of our books, which will then create a coupon for a free copy available to someone who maybe can’t afford the book.

For now, we’re offering this just for e-books until we get all of the details ironed out. If you’d like to give it a go, head to the libro sospeso catalog, where you can purchase pending books for others or see if any pending books are available. Also, keep an eye on our Twitter and Mastodon accounts for announcements of free books!

End of year sale!

Well, that’s it! 2018 is all wrapped up! Or, well, nearly so. We still have a few more hours to go, over here in Washington.

Excerpt from John Minichillo's The Last Workshop

John Minichillo’s The Last Workshop is coming up soon! Please enjoy an excerpt from the novel.

Preview of Jen Durbent's new collection, canon

We’re fast approaching the release of Jen Durbent’s canon, and are excited to share with you a sample from the collection!

canon by Jen Durbent

Hybrid is pleased to announce the return of Jen Durbent with her collection of poems, canon! These twenty-two works range in style from haiku to epic and cover a broad range of emotions and topics. Durbent turns her sharp wit to gender, politics, drugs, and even the Tower of Babel.

The Last Workshop by John Minichillo

Hybrid is honored to announce our second publication, The Last Workshop, a novel by John Minichillo. The famous writer is dying — maybe — and this smart, funny, and sharp novel follows the alumni of the Deep South Writers’ Workshop as they struggle to internalize the end of the writer’s career.

My Dinner with Andrea sample chapter

As we race toward the release of My Dinner with Andrea, we thought it’d be fun to give you a preview of what’s in store! You can now check out the first chapter in its entirety.

Interview with Jen Durbent

We’re fast approaching the release of our inaugural publication, My Dinner With Andrea, and to help share our excitement, Hybrid editor Madison Scott-Clary sat down (well, exchanged emails) with author Jen Durbent to learn more about her and her book.

My Dinner with Andrea by Jen Durbent

Hybrid is pleased to announce our inaugural publication of the novel My Dinner with Andrea by Jen Durbent, a story of love, hate, and, occasionally, tacos.

Welcome to Hybrid

Welcome to Hybrid! We’re still getting everything organized on our end, but the submission information has been posted (even if it hasn’t been nailed down yet) for you to peruse. Until then, if you have any questions, feel free to hit us up over Twitter or shoot us an email!

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